Woodpecker Pro Woodpecker Deterrent


Electronic Woodpecker repeller uses natural sounds of predator birds to chase pesky woodpeckers.  110 VAC, weatherproof.


Woodpeckers are a real pain in the butt. They drill holes into your home in search of termites, nesting materials such as insulation, and sometimes an actual nesting location. Obviously the damage woodpeckers do to the structure isn’t a good thing in itself. But the holes can allow moisture to get into the walls along with dirt , bees and other critters. There’s just not a lot of positives here…. The Woodpecker Pro woodpecker deterrent device from Bird X is a very good product for long term woodpecker control. It’s a little pricey but if it’s installed correctly you really shouldn’t have woodpecker damage in the future.

John’s Tip: Even tho I really like this product, I still recommend introducing movement and light into the control area at the exact same time the Woodpecker Pro is installed. In my 30+ years in the pest control industry I’ve done A BUNCH of bird control work. And one thing is for sure: if you nickle/dime the bird control you’ll usually lose. Every time these woodpeckers circumvent something you do to deter them they become bolder, more stubborn and harder to eliminate.  If you’re going to spend the money on this product go ahead and spend a few more bucks and add Scare Eye Diverters, windsocks and flash tape to your control program. If it’s done right it’s really a slam dunk in most cases.- Happy Hunting!

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 5 in


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