Deterrent Kit


Wood Pecker Deterrent Kit. Kit includes one Bird-B-Gone Repeller Balloon, one roll Flash Tape (50 ft), and all hardware to hang. The ultimate in Woodpecker control.  Super easy, super effective.  Visual deterrents repel Woodpeckers.  Keep your home safe from Woodpeckers and the damage they cause


Woodpeckers can be a real pain in the keester. They drill into structures in search of either food, nesting material or even a nesting site. Sometimes the male woodpecker will drill on metal surfaces such as chimney spark arrestors or hooded vent pipes up on the roof. They do this to let all of the girl woodpeckers know how awesome they are. Of course, 5:00 AM on a Saturday may not work for you. Deterrence is the only real solution and this Woodpecker Deterrent Kit will help.

John’s Tip: Install the balloon north of the activity area if possible to take advantage of the sun light as opposed to possibly blocking it. When installing the flash tape, attach it so that each piece creates 2 pieces that hang – one short and one longer. And make sure to install it all around, above and below the activity area. You want the movement to be visible to the woodpecker from all angles. Depending on the situation, you can expect this kit to protect an appx. 10′ section of wall. As always – Happy Hunting!

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Weight .85 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 1 × 9 in


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