Scare Eye Diverters Bird Control


Scare Eye Bird Diverters are teardrop-shaped hanging visual bird deterrents that feature a predator eye on a reflective surface.  A swivel attachment allows the Diverters to rotate 360 degrees for added effectiveness.  Shiny, reflective surfaces act almost as an optical illusion to birds.  When they see the mock predator eye and shiny reflective surface of the Diverter, they will be frightened, confused and want to avoid the treated area.  Bird Diverters are ideal for: Trees, patios, sides of homes, boats, eaves, gazebos, fruit trees, and overhangs.


Bird Control is an endeavor that needs to be well thought out and attacked from all angles and – in my opinion – all at one time. Adding these Scare Eye Diverters is a smart way to ramp up your bird control efforts because they are so versatile and, well – spooky. You can hang them just about anywhere and they add the predator angle to your bird control plan. Nobody wants to be stared at as if they were a juicy steak or something….

John’s Tip: As with many of our bird control products, I recommend these Scare Eye Diverters be used in conjunction with other bird control products such as flash tape, Scare Eye Garden Stakes and wind socks. They should be installed at different angles and heights so the birds are uncomfortable no matter where they are in your bird control zone. I really like using this product in trees if close by to mimic the activity of real predators such as owls. As always – Happy Hunting!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 9 in


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