Prowler Owl Bird Deterrent


Feared aerial predator deters birds from landing, roosting and destroying valuable land and property. Pole is not included.


Plastic Owls have been a part of bird control programs all over for years. The problem is that it doesn’t take long before the pigeons figure out that the plastic owl isn’t real, so they don’t usually work. This Prowler Owl from Bird X is different. It’s not as stiff and unmovable as it’s plastic cousin and can actually help to keep birds and other critters off guard and uncomfortable.

John’s Tip: I like this product, but as with lots of bird control and wildlife deterrent products, I feel you’ll get a lot more for your money if you combine it with other products. If it’s a bird problem you’re dealing with, make sure you take high pressure nesting and roosting areas away permanently with screening and spike and use Scare Eye Diverters and flash tape, too, so there are different types of light and movement coming from different angles. That’s how you make birds uncomfortable. For wildlife, add predator decoys and urine and possibly an ultrasonic deterrent device for a well rounded attack. As always – Happy Hunting!

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 12 in


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