Original Birdhouse Book


Step-by-step plans for 26 birdhouses. Build feeders and baths. Baffle predators and pests. Lays flat to facilitate easy use. This is how-to instruction at its finest. Includes great black and white illustrations to assist woodworkers.


Birds & Bird Houses make a great addition to our outdoor spaces and offer many hours of relaxing enjoyment. Unfortunately, they also bring a variety of unwanted guests looking to cash in on an easy snack. The Original Birdhouse Book have a bunch of cool tricks to help you create a unique space for you and the birds you enjoy.

John’s Tip: Take the time to do a little research before adding bird house(s) to your yard or garden areas. Often an invitation to the birds you enjoy will bring with it the ones you don’t. – Happy Hunting!

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 10.6 × .3 in


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