Mosquito Dunks 6


Summit Mosquito Dunks Larvae Control Tablets stops mosquitoes from breeding in standing water. It’s as simple as dropping the tablet into the water. It floats and dissolves slowly, it releasing a bacterium that kills all species of mosquito larvae without hurting anything else. This ‘larvicide’ travels throughout the body of water, killing new larvae that eats the bacterium. The result is the absence of adult, biting mosquitoes.


Mosquito Larvae lives in standing stagnant water, feeding on all of the organic ‘stuff’ that makes it stagnant. There are very few pesticides that are labeled for standing water and they wouldn’t work anyway in most cases. These Mosquito Dunks dissolve slowly and kill feeding larvae a full month. Easy to use and cheap.

John’s Tip: Treating the standing, stagnant water with these Mosquito Dunks will help control a mosquito problem for sure. It’s also helpful if there’s a way to introduce regular movement to the body of water. Moving or aerating the water and having fresh water introduced on a regular basis will prevent mosquito larvae from surviving thus reducing the population of adult, blood sucking vampire mosquitoes. OK – that’s not really a thing, but it seems like it…. – Happy Hunting!

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