Repellent Bird Gel


Transparent bird gel is a sticky repellent used to prevent birds from landing on horizontal surfaces.  Bird Gel is applied to areas where birds are landing; birds will not like the sticky sensation on their feet and will move on to a more comfortable spot. Includes one tube.


Repellent Bird Gel can be an efficient and effective addition to your do-it-yourself-bird-control plan of attack. It’s not species specific so it will work for just about any roosting bird problem. There’s no poison involved, either, so it won’t hurt the birds – or other non-target critters – as long as it’s used correctly. It’s transparent which means it won’t have a huge effect on the structure aesthetically. And it’s inexpensive which doesn’t hurt either.

John’s Tip: Repellent Bird Gel comes in a tube and is applied in beads like caulking. The size or thickness of the bead should be determined by the species (or size) of bird being targeted. If it’s a smaller bird like a sparrow or starling the beads should be about half the diameter of a #2 pencil and be fairly close together – perhaps no more than a few inches apart. For larger birds like pigeons the beads should be about the diameter of that same #2 pencil and be spaced further apart – maybe 4 inches apart. For big birds like ducks or gulls the beads should be twice that big around. NOTE: the use large diameter beads can present a hazard for small birds as they can get stuck in the gel. Also – I don’t recommend application of repellent bird gel on a painted surface such as a stucco ledge. It can cause staining and make it difficult to re-paint. Any petroleum cleaning product can help to remove it if necessary. As always – Happy Hunting!

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 12 in


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