Bat Magic Repels Bats


Drives bats from attics, blinds, wall voids, chimneys, and other confined spaces they like to hide in.  Contains natural, essential oils packaged in convenient simple to use place packs.  Not for sale in CO, IN,KY,NM,WA.


Bats can make a heck of a mess. And they’re protected, so put your laser gun away. Bat Magic is a bat repellent that is supposed to drive bats out of spaces such as attics, sheds and basements. It’s cheap and easy to use so it’s probably worth a flyer if you’re dealing with a bat problem or bat infestation.

John’s Tip: I’ve done a lot of bat proofing through my 30+ years in pest control. Typically, if they are in your attic or any other enclosed space you need to find the opening where they are getting in and out. That’s where you install a 1-way valve that will allow them to exit the attic or crawl space but not get back in. Sometimes you do this with a piece of 1/4″ hardware cloth and sometimes you do it with a device such as a Bat Cone. It depends on exactly what the situation is. If there’s more than one opening, close up all but one. That’s where you’ll install your valve. Once they have vacated the premises I like the idea of adding a repellent such as Bat Magic to dissuade any new bats from wanting to set up shop later or even just hang out. You’ll also want to seal up the 1-way valve for a permanent solution for that particular opening. You’re welcome to send me pictures and I’ll try to point you in the right direction. Or you could pay for Kim and I to take a vacation and I’ll come over, eat your food and tell you what to do from the ground. Whichever works best for you. – Happy Hunting!

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 1.75 × 7 in


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