Backyard Bird Watcher’s Answer Guide


101 backyard questions answered. 42 solutions to backyard problems and pests. Nearly 30 years’ experience is condensed into answering these commonly posed questions/concerns. Great photos, too.   This Backyard Booklet is packed with practical, easy-to-understand information, color photographs, and useful tips.


Bird Watchers face a ton of unexpected pest issues in their pursuit of quality time with their favorite birds. The Backyard Bird Watcher’s Answer Guide can help you prepare for and even avoid many of these pest problems. Cheap and handy..

John’s Tip: Depending on what species of bird(s) you are wanting to attract and which species of bird(s) you want to avoid, I recommend thinking ahead when utilizing the tips and tricks in this book. Be thoughtful about what other birds and critters will want to join the party and be ready for them ahead of time. That’s a lot more fun than playing catch up later. – Happy Hunting!

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